Exceptional service is always guaranteed, with professional drivers and your choice of some fabulous top of the range cars. When it comes to finding the best limousine Stockholm, you will be searching for top-notch luxury with a modest price tag.

Limousine Service In Stockholm

Our fleets of vehicles include a collection of different models that can be hired for any occasion or event. It’s your choice! If it is for a wedding, there is a huge range of cars so that you can choose from either a classic or modern vehicle to suit your day. The Stretchlimo Chrysler C300 is a beautiful choice for a lavish, traditional modern ceremony. If you are searching for a limousine in Stockholm for a hen party, stag or prom celebration, then there is a wide selection of impressive vehicles. Look for something modern, massive and with some impressive features. If it’s a birthday bash, then maybe you will want to opt for one of our ultra-sophisticated stretch limousine.


Limousine Stockholm – The Perfect Complement

With our limo hire service, we always offer the absolute top of the range fleet, so choose carefully to find the one that’s designed to complement your occasion. They will come with all the latest high-tech specs and gadgets and provide lush features to maximize your comfort and enjoyment. When you book your limousine Stockholm, make sure that you ask for any special touches and added extras too, whether it’s for a simple trip or a luxurious event. For executive events, launches or airport transfers, you can opt for a simple but sophisticated limousine taxi, from a full range of modern luxury cars such as BMW or the Mercedes S Class. Our great limousine service in Stockholm Sweden will also provide a door-to-door service and a company that will assist you with luggage or any other possessions.

We’ve built up a fabulous reputation for our service levels over the years. We also guarantee highly trained, professional and friendly chauffeurs with a strict process of selection. They are experienced and guarantee to deliver you to your venue on time, so you feel reassured that you are in safe hands.

Receive Information On Our Competitive Limousine Rental Prices

We pride ourselves on offering exceptional service for your special events. Every rental is different, so you should enjoy a service which is tailor made and matches your specific needs, down to the smallest details. If you are not sure which luxury fleet model will make your day, then ensure that you can visit our offices and view them. Before you book, you should be able to call and arrange this without obligation. Any limousine price will depend on your specific requirements, added extras and budget, and then you can be sure to have a fabulous experience.